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Fundamental Change is Afoot in Australia’s Electricity Markets

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Warwick Keneally14 September 2020

BP Articulates Energy’s Changing Direction

For 69 years BP has published the BP Energy Outlook and the accompanying Statistical Review of...
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Fleur_Jaouault_New_Energy_SolarFleur Jouault16 July 2020

AEMO’s Renewable Integration Study: Stage 1 Report Released April 2020

Behind the often rancorous and emotive public debate as to whether Australia can or should take up...
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Liam_Thomas_New_Energy_SolarLiam Thomas25 May 2020

Solar Panel Recycling

Recognising that many people have reservations about solar energy based on the waste that may...
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Reid SingerReid Singer13 May 2020

The Course of Electricity Demand in an Economic Crisis and What We Can Learn from the Current COVID-19 Crisis

What is indisputable about economic shocks throughout history is that they also impact the demand...
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Liam_Thomas_New_Energy_SolarLiam Thomas9 April 2020

The Promise of Hydrogen

New Energy Solar’s mandate to invest in renewable energy means we regularly monitor new...
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Fleur_Jaouault_New_Energy_SolarFleur Jouault5 March 2020

Climate Risk is Investment Risk – How Investors are Changing the Conversation

On 14 January, Larry Fink, the Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, published two letters.
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James_Turner_New_Energy_SolarJames Turner17 January 2020

Future of Australian Energy: PwC Models our Energy Future

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) has recently released a report titled “Future of Energy: Australian...
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Fleur_Jaouault_New_Energy_SolarFleur Jouault19 December 2019

The US-China Trade Wars and the Solar Industry

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Liam_Thomas_New_Energy_SolarLiam Thomas25 November 2019

Solar Here, Solar There, Solar Everywhere

Solar cell technology has progressed to the point where solar cells are able to be incorporated...
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Michael_van_der_Vlies_New_Energy_SolarMichael van der Vlies22 October 2019

Are Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rising or Falling?

Each quarter, the Department of the Environment and Energy (the Department) publishes estimates of...
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Fleur_Jaouault_New_Energy_SolarFleur Jouault27 September 2019

Nuclear Power in Australia – Federal parliament determines to have another review

Australia has a long and complex relationship with the nuclear industry. Despite uranium being...
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James_Turner_New_Energy_SolarJames Turner6 September 2019

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