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Kellogg’s signs with solar farm to take NSW operations 100% renewable

Kellogg’s Australia has signed a power purchase agreement with NEW's Beryl Solar Farm.
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Renew Economy16 August 2019

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Australia can be a world leader in solar, if it wants to be

Australia is perfectly positioned to become a leader in solar - but it will take planning.
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The Guardian16 August 2019

Why 58 million petajoules isn’t enough to warm up Australia’s approach to solar power

Australia has an abundance of sun. So what’s stopping us taking up utility-scale solar, a market...
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The Guardian2 August 2019

The new energy era: Are we on the front foot or the back foot?

As renewables become increasingly more cost-effective their uptake in the wider economy is...
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The Guardian18 July 2019

Livewire Exclusive: Catching up on the global trend in renewables

Tune into John Martin's Livewire interview.
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Livewire12 February 2019

Livewire Exclusive: What does cheap solar mean for utilities?

Tune into John Martin's Livewire interview.
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Livewire30 January 2019

Livewire Exclusive: Solar has evolved – has your portfolio?

Tune into John Martin's Livewire interview.
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Livewire21 January 2019

Dawn of the renewable future

The day begins like any other: hot, buttered toast and cup of brew, the glow of the paper on the...
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Financial Review15 August 2018

John Martin features on Sky News Business

In June, Chief Executive John Martin appeared on Sky News Business to discuss New Energy Solar’s...
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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin6 July 2018

New Energy Solar takes first plunge into Australian market

The $113 million deal sees New Energy Solar take over the operating 50-megawatt Manildra project in...
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Financial Review26 June 2018

New Energy Solar features on the Morning Mail

In May, Evans and Partners' David Hay was joined by New Energy Solar CEO and Managing Director,...
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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin7 June 2018
comm sec executive series interview with john martin

CommSec Executive Series interview with John Martin

New Energy Solar CEO and Managing Director John Martin joined CommSec to discuss growth...
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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin9 April 2018

New Energy Solar returns home

After investing $300 million in solar farms in the US, Australia's New Energy Solar is turning its...
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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin17 October 2017

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