Renewable energy

Regular insights on the world’s renewable energy sector

The future of electric vehicles in Australia

Just how clean are electric vehicles (EVs), and what does the future for electric vehicles look...
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Liam Thomas14 June 2019

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Enabling trends in renewable energy

We explore some enabling trends facilitating the deployment of renewables.
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Fleur Jouault10 May 2019

Utilities’ role in progressing carbon emissions reduction in Australia

How utilities have begun playing a role in carbon emissions reduction in Australia.
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James Turner5 April 2019

Renewable energy growth in developing solar markets

Renewable energy growth in the major markets is well publicised. 
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Paul Whitacre22 March 2019

Understanding renewable energy policy

Renewable energy continues to be a hot-button topic in Australia, making it tricky to distinguish...
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Michael van der Vlies8 March 2019

Renewables – shining through the policy smog

Last year was an eventful year – from geopolitical tensions to market volatility and, of more...
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John Martin5 February 2019
Solar Subsidies 1
Solar Subsidies 2

Solar subsidies – what are they, who pays and what do they achieve?

Discussions around the future of Australia’s electricity generation capacity often lead to a debate...
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Liam Thomas25 January 2019

A look at the latest in solar technology

The sun offers us the opportunity to harness its naturally occurring energy and transform it into...
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Liam Thomas21 December 2018

IPCC special report

More than a decade ago, a group of scientists convened by the United Nations under the banner of...
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Tom Kline2 November 2018

Renewable revolution

If the seemingly wilful evolution of renewable energy has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t...
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Adam Haughton12 October 2018

Leading the charge for a battery-powered world

Last year, the uptake of battery storage in Australia increased threefold when compared to the year...
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John Martin21 September 2018
Giving power
Power to the people

Giving power to the people

There has been considerable rhetoric surrounding energy policy in Australia. Not only has the...
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Tom Kline7 September 2018

Working with the weather

Energy is important to maintaining life as we know it, and helping to sustain this way of life are...
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Paul Whitacre10 August 2018

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