Renewable insights

The Promise of Hydrogen

New Energy Solar’s mandate to invest in renewable energy means we regularly monitor new...
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Fleur_Jaouault_New_Energy_SolarFleur Jouault5 March 2020

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The new energy era: Are we on the front foot or the back foot?

As renewables become increasingly more cost-effective their uptake in the wider economy is...
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The Guardian18 July 2019

Considering the effects of climate change on the weather

In this insight, we take a look at the link between man-made carbon emissions and extreme weather...
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Paul_Whitacre_New_Energy_SolarPaul Whitacre9 July 2019

The effects of air pollution on Australians

WHO calls air pollution the "world's single biggest environmental health risk". We explore.
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Michael_van_der_Vlies_New_Energy_SolarMichael van der Vlies27 June 2019

The future of electric vehicles in Australia

Just how clean are electric vehicles (EVs), and what does the future for electric vehicles look...
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Liam_Thomas_New_Energy_SolarLiam Thomas14 June 2019

Connected - quarterly insight Q1 2019

The first quarter of 2019 was a steady period for New Energy Solar. Read more in our latest insight.
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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin24 May 2019

Enabling trends in renewable energy

We explore some enabling trends facilitating the deployment of renewables.
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Fleur_Jaouault_New_Energy_SolarFleur Jouault10 May 2019

Utilities’ role in progressing carbon emissions reduction in Australia

How utilities have begun playing a role in carbon emissions reduction in Australia.
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James_Turner_New_Energy_SolarJames Turner5 April 2019

2018 Investor Day video

In case you missed the event, you can watch the highlights in our video.
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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin22 March 2019

Renewable energy growth in developing solar markets

Renewable energy growth in the major markets is well publicised. 
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Paul_Whitacre_New_Energy_SolarPaul Whitacre22 March 2019

Understanding renewable energy policy

Renewable energy continues to be a hot-button topic in Australia, making it tricky to distinguish...
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Michael_van_der_Vlies_New_Energy_SolarMichael van der Vlies8 March 2019

Connected - Quarterly highlights December 2018

Connected is a quarterly business insight from New Energy Solar.
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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin22 February 2019

Livewire Exclusive: Catching up on the global trend in renewables

Tune into John Martin's Livewire interview.
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Livewire12 February 2019

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