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What is a “carbon border adjustment mechanism”?

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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin26 March 2021

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Solar Here, Solar There, Solar Everywhere

Solar cell technology has progressed to the point where solar cells are able to be incorporated...
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Michael_van_der_Vlies_New_Energy_SolarMichael van der Vlies22 October 2019

Are Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rising or Falling?

Each quarter, the Department of the Environment and Energy (the Department) publishes estimates of...
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Fleur_Jaouault_New_Energy_SolarFleur Jouault27 September 2019

Nuclear Power in Australia – Federal parliament determines to have another review

Australia has a long and complex relationship with the nuclear industry. Despite uranium being...
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James_Turner_New_Energy_SolarJames Turner6 September 2019

‘50 by 50’ – How?

By 2050, artificial intelligence is expected to have progressed in leaps and bounds, roads could be...
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Toby Anderson22 August 2019

Kellogg’s signs with solar farm to take NSW operations 100% renewable

Kellogg’s Australia has signed a power purchase agreement with NEW's Beryl Solar Farm.
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Renew Economy16 August 2019

Australia can be a world leader in solar, if it wants to be

Australia is perfectly positioned to become a leader in solar - but it will take planning.
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The Guardian16 August 2019

Connected - quarterly insight Q2 2019

Connected is a quarterly business insight from New Energy Solar.
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John_Martin_New_Energy_SolarJohn Martin8 August 2019

Why 58 million petajoules isn’t enough to warm up Australia’s approach to solar power

Australia has an abundance of sun. So what’s stopping us taking up utility-scale solar, a market...
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The Guardian2 August 2019

Applying artificial intelligence in solar energy

How is artificial intelligence technology being applied to solar energy?
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Fleur_Jaouault_New_Energy_SolarFleur Jouault25 July 2019

The new energy era: Are we on the front foot or the back foot?

As renewables become increasingly more cost-effective their uptake in the wider economy is...
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The Guardian18 July 2019

Considering the effects of climate change on the weather

In this insight, we take a look at the link between man-made carbon emissions and extreme weather...
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Paul_Whitacre_New_Energy_SolarPaul Whitacre9 July 2019

The effects of air pollution on Australians

WHO calls air pollution the "world's single biggest environmental health risk". We explore.
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Michael_van_der_Vlies_New_Energy_SolarMichael van der Vlies27 June 2019

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