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Connected - Quarterly highlights December 2018

Connected is a quarterly business insight from New Energy Solar.
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John Martin22 February 2019

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Electricity prices 1
Electricity prices 2

Why renewables will drive costs down, not up

Australia has some of the highest retail electricity prices in the world, but renewables aren’t to...
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Liam Thomas17 July 2018

Sunshine and solar tariffs - the industry six months on

While the solar tariffs announced in the United States may have sparked concern across the wider...
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John Martin6 July 2018

John Martin features on Sky News Business

In June, Chief Executive John Martin appeared on Sky News Business to discuss New Energy Solar’s...
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John Martin6 July 2018

New Energy Solar takes first plunge into Australian market

The $113 million deal sees New Energy Solar take over the operating 50-megawatt Manildra project in...
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Financial Review26 June 2018

Meeting Australia's 2020 Renewable Energy Target

According to the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), Australia is on track to meet its 23.5% Renewable...
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Liam Thomas22 June 2018

Ending energy poverty with SolarBuddy

An estimated 1.1 billion people did not have access to electricity in 2017, while many more...
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John Martin13 June 2018

New Energy Solar features on the Morning Mail

In May, Evans and Partners' David Hay was joined by New Energy Solar CEO and Managing Director,...
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John Martin7 June 2018

Why some corporations are purchasing more renewable energy

In light of rising wholesale energy market prices, the falling costs of renewable energy, and...
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John Martin18 May 2018

The keys to solving renewable intermittency

The global electricity market is in flux with a monumental shift from fossil fuels to renewable...
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Tom Kline4 May 2018

The last embers of a once-thriving coal industry

For more than a century, coal has helped drive economic growth and development for much of the...
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Tim Sturgiss13 April 2018
comm sec executive series interview with john martin

CommSec Executive Series interview with John Martin

New Energy Solar CEO and Managing Director John Martin joined CommSec to discuss growth...
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John Martin9 April 2018

A renewable education

Several Australian learning institutions are harnessing the power of renewable energies to offset...
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James Turner30 March 2018

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