Ending energy poverty – one light at a time


Imagine a world where more than a billion people lack access to modern electricity and where children expose their lungs to the toxic fumes of kerosene – if only to help them see their homework at night. Sadly, this is a reality. Energy poverty affects developing communities across the globe, and is a phenomenon described as a lack of access to clean, safe and reliable energy sources necessary for meeting basic human needs.

We hope to deliver

  • 20, 000

  • 3 YEARS
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Without sufficient access to energy, the health and quality of life of children are severely impacted by low energy consumption, the use of dirty fuels and the excessive time spent collecting these fuels to help their families. 

However, one organisation is working towards ending this devastating cycle – SolarBuddy, an Australian registered charity that believes children deserve the right to study safely, and that renewable energy has the power to help change lives. Through its innovative education programs and solar lights, SolarBuddy is helping to break the devastating cycle of energy poverty.

We’ve partnered up with them to help the organisation on its mission to provide safe, reliable and innovative energy solutions to communities across the world. 

“We are really pleased to have formed this alliance with SolarBuddy and to have become one of its corporate partners. There is a real meeting of the minds between our organisations with respect to the simplicity and utility of solar power.”

John Martin, Managing Director and CEO


A partnership that lights the way

CEO Simon Doble joins New Energy Solar’s John Martin to discuss the invaluable ways the partnership is helping to bring much-needed light to those in need.


Want to know more?

Visit SolarBuddy’s website for more information about how the charity works to raise awareness of energy poverty and how your donation can help lighten someone’s day.